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Affording HRS

海德罗伊斯学院对社会经济多样性的承诺是mg电子试玩app的基础. mg电子试玩app灵活的学费计划旨在使所有家庭都能负担得起海德罗伊斯的教育,这是基于证明的经济需求和资金的可用性.

Tuition Assistance Application Process

Application Opens September 1

mg电子试玩app知道申请援助可能会让人望而生畏. Follow these steps to simplify the process:

BEGINNING SEPTEMBER 1, 2024: Submit Clarity Application 

  • To get started, please go to the Clarity Application and create an account. 该应用程序通常需要不到30分钟才能完成, and is mobile-friendly so you can access it anywhere. 你也可以保存你的进度,并在任何时候返回.

  • At the end of the application, you will be asked to submit a one-time fee of $55, 它还允许你申请其他接受Clarity申请的学校,而不收取额外费用. 只需使用应用程序中的下拉菜单选择这些学校. 请注意:如果您已经通过SSS平台提交并支付了另一所学校的申请, please let us know at admissions@2213360.com mg电子试玩app将提供一个豁免代码来支付Clarity学费的申请费.

The tuition assistance process is entirely confidential. 分居或离婚的父母应各自提交申请.


BY NOVEMBER 1, 2024 (Existing HRS families) or BY JANUARY 5, 2025  (New Families to HRS): Clarity will pull the following documents from the IRS:

  • Form 1040: signed, including all schedules
  • Other Forms:如果你是s型公司的股东或合伙企业的合伙人(列于表格1040附表E), upload the corresponding Schedule K-1, 1120S and/or Form 1065

2025年2月6日前:通过Clarity Link提交以下文件:

  • Form W2: 2024

mg电子试玩app将把经济援助决定通知有重新入学合同的返校家庭和新入学的学生 mid-March with their admission decision.


  • The Family Application Guide 提供了一步一步的指导,并列出了您在完成申请时需要的信息.
  • To check receipt and status of your supporting documentation, 或者如果你有任何问题或需要帮助完成申请, please email support@claritytuition.com in both English and Spanish. 应用程序本身也完全翻译成西班牙语.

Malone Foundation

海德罗伊斯是马龙家族基金会(Malone Family Foundation)在加州选定的四所获得200万美元捐赠的学校之一,也是全美仅有的50所独立学校之一.S. 为有学术天赋但有经济需要的学生提供奖学金.

In 2000, 马龙家族基金会将海德罗伊斯选为全国顶尖的独立教育机构之一, basing its selection on evidence of high academic standards, quality of faculty and staff, excellent accommodations for gifted and talented students, a dedication to individual attention for all students, financial strength and a commitment to financial aid.

Jessica Xu '15, Malone Scholar

“成为马龙基金会的学者对我的教育生涯至关重要. From a young age, 我很荣幸能就读于海德罗伊斯大学,师从热情而优秀的老师, participate in enriching educational opportunities, and be a part of a wonderfully supportive community. 作为马龙基金会的学者,我获得了一些教育机会,这是我在其他情况下无法获得的, I am deeply grateful."

海德罗伊斯学费援助办公室可以提供帮助. Call us with your questions at (510) 531-1300 x2292.